How to Merge Multiple PST Files into One

Outlook maintains user profiles under its Personal Folders called PST files. Outlook PST file is like cabinet folder which contains users' mails, contacts, calendars, scheduled tasks, etc. Thus, Outlook PST files need to be properly managed and organized to future reference earlier user communications.

Outlook PST file grows in size as user mail communication continues and PST files corresponding to Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000/XP and Outlook 2002 endangered corruption as PST files authored within these Outlook versions are ANSI formatted which are vulnerable to 2GB file size errors. Although; Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 maintains Unicode formatted PST files which overcomes 2GB file size limits yet they too are adhered to new PST file size constraint of 20GB.

Resolution calls for splitting Personal folders to two or more manageable sizes to prevent 2GB and 20GB file size errors to occur but the situation gets worse if you are running more than one profile over different Outlook PST files for your single mail account. With this scenario splitting PST files renders you with many Personal folders at various system locations which are unmanageable and might contain outdated and insufficient data.

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Solution points towards creating a new PST file (Personal Folder) by merging those split up PST files which are most required to carry out further communications. If you need to merge handful of Outlook Personal folders creating a new PST file then you can do it manually but if you have numerous Personal Folders counting close to hundred then switch towards time efficient PST Merge Services.

8 easy Steps to Manually Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files into One

  • Locate all those Personal Folders or PST Files which you like to merge.
  • Bring All PST files to one System folder.
  • Choose one PST file amongst them which serves as base, into which other PST files get merged.
  • Open your chosen PST file in Outlook First
    [ Start Outlook. File -> Open -> Outlook Data File.]
  • Then Open remaining Personal Folders the same way in Outlook.

Outlook listed all open PST files in its navigation. If you are unable to view opened Personal folders in navigation then bring navigation to "Folders List" mode (Folder icon at bottom left of navigation).

  • Now expand PST file opened just after your chosen primary and select any folder within it to merge to PST file you opened first.
  • Take for instance "Contacts". Right click on contacts, choose "Move Contacts." from context menu.
  • A Pop-up Window opened showing all PST files you just opened including Personal folder default to Outlook. From there select your first opened PST file and select "contacts" therein. Select "OK" and you are done merging contacts of two PST files.

Do the same for calendars, tasks and others. If you have some custom defined items within PST file then merge them in desired PST choosing only PST file within "Move to" pop-up. Repeat same steps for another PST file after merging second PST file into first one.

As you anticipate manually merging PST files can be very tedious and time consuming if you have large number of PST files as this PST merge method is effective when you have handful of PST files to be merged.

Faster and Effective PST Merge Services

There are many PST Merge utilities in market if you start Googling for them. But their cost may just not justify the PST merge task you required to get done. We encourage you to go for PST Merge service where service team through remote accessing your system merge multiple PST files for you and that too in minimum of service quote which you can avail freely.

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