6 Best Solutions to Delete Emails Stuck in Outbox Outlook 2010

admin | October 24th, 2017 | Windows Outlook

Emails Stuck in Outbox Outlook 2010: Hassle Free Methods to Delete the Mails

There are often such situations where emails stuck in outbox Outlook 2010 folder. It can be a pain and it restricts users from sending and receiving messages. Both internal and external communication come to a standstill. Many workers look for an online solution to fix messages getting stuck in Outlook 2010 with no date issue. They look for answers in forums and technical blogs. This post has been designed for the same audience. It caters to the everyday user needs to fix Outlook related issues in sending an email. Read the following post to find out more on this topic.

Methods to Remove Emails Stuck in Outbox Outlook 2010 Issue

Below are some of the ways mentioned to fix an Outlook outbox and resume communication in an organization:

Solution 1: Offline Mode to Fix Outlook Outbox Error

  1. First, set Outlook 2010 to work offline by going to Send/Receive tab and selecting Work Offline button.
  2. Next, select the outbox folder and do one or the other to remove Outlook 2010 outbox error.
  3. Delete the Email: Right-click the message and select Delete.
  4. Move to Drafts: Either drag and drop the message to drafts folder or right-click on it and select Move >> Other Folder >> Drafts.
  5. Remove offline mode by going to Send/Receive tab and again clicking on Work-offline button to de-select it.

Solution 2: Check Server Status to Fix ‘Won’t Send Emails from Outbox’

  1. First, check if the server is offline. This may cause the problem with emails not been sending from Outlook 2010 outbox folder.
  2. To check if internet servers are online, the bottom status bar will indicate a connected sign.
  3. If it shows status Disconnected, there may be an Outlook 2010 outbox error.
  4. If it is an Exchange server mailbox, the status bar will indicate connection as shown in the image below.
  5. If it is not connected, then the status bar will indicate the disconnection.
  6. >When the server is disconnected, go to an internet browser and try to open a website.
  7. If unable to connect to the internet, this may be the reason Outlook is not being able to connect to the e-mail server. The send emails stuck in outbox Outlook 2010 issue may be caused due to this reason.

Solution 3: Change Password to Fix Outlook Outbox Error

If a user has recently changed email password for their mailbox, they need to make changes in Outlook as well.


  1. To change the password in Outlook 2010, go to File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings.
  2. Select once to highlight the account having outbox won’t send error in Outlook 2010 account.
  3. Then, click on Change and the new password in the Password field.
  4. Finally, go to Next >> Finish.

Solution 4: Safe Mode to Fix Outlook Messages Stuck in the Outbox

Use the Safe Mode to prevent add-ins from blocking Outlook emails from being sent or received.


  1. To start Outlook in Safe Mode, hold the CTRL button while double-clicking on the Outlook shortcut.
  2. When asked to confirm, click on the Yes button.

Solution 5: Recreate PST data to Remove Emails Stuck in Outbox Outlook 2010

  1. First, go to Home >> New Items >> More Items >> Outlook Data File.
  2. Then, set this PST file as the default PST by going to File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings >> Data Files.
  3. Next, restart Outlook to resolve Outlook cannot send messages due to emails keep getting stuck in outbox of MS Outlook account.
  4. Now, the original PST will show up as a header on the left panel.
  5. From here, move the message from the outbox folder to the PST file. Or delete multiple emails by holding down the Shift key.
  6. Again, set the original PST-file as the default delivery location to remove Outlook outbox error.
  7. Then, restart Outlook.

All the emails will be recreated in the Outlook outbox folder.

Solution 6: Use MFCMAPI to Repair MS Outlook 2010 Emails Stuck in Outbox

  1. First, go to the Microsoft page to download the latest MFCMAPI tool to repair the issue related with some random emails get stuck in Outlook outbox.
  2. Then, run the mfcmapi.exe file from the zipped folder and install the program.
  3. Next, open the tool to remove Outlook outbox sending problem.
  4. From the utility, go to Session >> Logon.
  5. Next, select the appropriate Outlook profile and click on the OK button.
  6. Now, double-click on the value where the Default Store value is true.
  7. From the left panel, expand the first entry by the name Root Container or Root Mailbox in case of Exchange mailbox.
  8. Next, expand the folders: Top of Outlook data file, Top of Personal Folders, Top of Information Store, IPM_SUBTREE.
  9. Now, double-click on the outbox folder to remove Outlook issue in sending email.
  10. Select an email and go to Actions >> Submit >> Abort Submit.
  11. Again, select the message and choose Action >> Delete Message.
  12. Next, set the option to Permanent delete passing DELETE_HARD_DELETE (unrecoverable).
  13. Then, click on the OK button to fix outbox sending problem in Outlook 2010.
  14. Repeat the steps for rest of the Outlook 2010 emails with attachments stuck in outbox.


For many users, this post would be helpful to rectify the emails stuck in outbox Outlook 2010 issue. It provides a step by step guide to removing or editing the message so that it can be sent again. If everything fails, read the knowledge base article from Microsoft site or contact Outlook forums for technical support. Try these manual methods explained first before reporting the issue to Microsoft.