Know How to Fix Mac Outlook Error Code 17099

admin | August 31st, 2017 | Outlook for Mac

Fixing Error Code 17099 in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011/16

Here, we are going to cover about an OLM file error. The approach involves an error-free manual solution for fixing the issue. As there are certain errors faced by a Mac user in Outlook, but here we will try to find the reasons along with a pertinent solution to fix Mac Outlook Error Code 17099.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email application on today’s date. No computer application works properly whether it is an email program or any another; same is the case with Outlook. Once in a while, a user might be facing one or another error. One such error is Outlook syntax error 17099, which is faced by Mac OS users. In the upcoming section, they are going to find solution to resolve this problem with step-by-step scenario.

Effect of Error Code 17099 Outlook 2011/16 Mac

The error restricts one from sending or receiving messages and indicates that a message is containing some kind of spamming data or virus.

Picture This Out!

Before proceeding further, let us imagine a situation that was provided by a Mac Outlook user:

"As always, I am working with Outlook 2016 Mac program on my laptop. All was going well but, don’t know how suddenly an error code 17099 occurred. This error is interrupting me while working because of which I am unable to send/receive messages. Can anyone help me to fix Mac Outlook error code 17099?"

Outlook Email Error Code 17099: The Root Causes

Following points describe causes of Apple Outlook error 17099:

  • The error occurs suddenly when the SMTP server throws back a transient error or any unexpected error.
  • An ISP had provided with a limit while sending a large groups of emails.

Fixing Error Code 17099 in Ms Outlook for Mac 2011

The solution resolves the problem by utilizing Microsoft Database Utility. This utility will be rebuilding database with help of following steps:

  1. Close all the programs running on your PC.
  2. Press and keep holding Option key and then open Outlook 2011 program. This can also be done by opening Application folder >> MS Office 2011. Double-click on the Office folder and then again on MS Database
  3. Choose the database, which is to be maintained by utility and hit on Rebuild.
  4. A screen pop-ups, which will be displaying progress report. When the progress gets completed, a statement displays i.e., Your database was rebuilt successfully.
  5. Hit on Done button to update all the changes made to fix Outlook 2011 / 2016 error code 17099.


One can go for a third-party software like Outlook Mac Recovery to repair corrupt OLM files into different file format.

Time to Conclude with a Suggestion

After going through this blog, it will be possible for a Mac OS user to fix Mac Outlook error code 17099. Execute every equipped step in a well-mannered way to resolve it without any complications. Before sharing the solution, the procedure was practically implemented and we got a positive result from it. So, one can easily try the above hassle-free manual solution to troubleshoot this error 17099 in Outlook 2016/11.