Resolve Outlook 2010 Gmail IMAP Error 0x800ccc0e Using Various Methods

admin | April 9th, 2018 | Windows Outlook

Resolving Error 0x800ccc0e in Outlook

"My personal Gmail account has been configured in Outlook email that I use for business purpose. For last few days, I keep seeing Outlook 2010 Gmail IMAP error 0x800ccc0e whenever I try to open Outlook. The message says “The connection to the Server has failed.” I do not understand why this error suddenly started to show up in Outlook. Suggest me any solution for this problem."

Among many error messages of Outlook, some are related to configured accounts. As we all know, multiple email accounts can be configured in a single Outlook account. Users can configure their Gmail and Yahoo accounts in Outlook and exchange messages on behalf of these accounts through Outlook. Often it is seen that Gmail configured Outlook accounts fail to connect to the server and shows error message 0x800ccc0e. This is quite an inconvenient situation for Outlook users and therefore, we are here to fix Outlook 2010 Gmail IMAP error 0x800ccc0e. Here, users will learn more about this error and its solution.

Reasons for Error 0x800ccc0e in Outlook 2010

This error occurs when there are some issues regarding connection to the server. The incorrect port number is mainly responsible for the appearance of this error. For IMAP Server, there are two options called encryption and non-encrypted. For these options, SSL and TSL should be selected respectively. If Outlook users enter a wrong port number corresponding to the particular IMAP server, they will see this error message. Users should keep in mind this encryption factor to avoid the error. Now we will know how you can resolve this error.

How to Resolve Outlook 2010 Gmail IMAP Error 0x800ccc0e

There are several techniques to fix this Outlook error. In this post, we will focus on some of the prominent methods that are known for resolving this error.

A. Alter Outlook Server Port Number

The best way to fix this issue is to change the port number of Outlook server.

  1. First of all, open Outlook 2010.
  2. Click on File >> Info >> Account Settings.
  3. Account Settings window will appear, where you need to select Email tab. A window will open on screen.
  4. Select the email account from this window.
  5. A new window will come and you need to click on More Setting from that window.
  6. Now you will come across a new window named Internet E-mail Setting. Click on Advanced tab there.
  7. Change SMTP port number to 587 on that page and click OK.

Once this method is done, check to see if it the error still occurs or not.

B. Remove Any Duplicate Accounts:

Sometimes, duplicate configured accounts can cause this error due to internal conflict. If this is the cause of error 0x800ccc0e in Outlook, you have to delete the duplicates by following these steps:

  1. Open Outlook 2010 and click on Tools.
  2. Navigate to Accounts and click on Email tab.
  3. If you see any duplicate email on that list, select it.
  4. Now click on Remove button to copied accounts.
  5. After it is done, restart your Outlook to confirm the removal of error 0x800ccc0e.

C. Disabling Anti-Virus Application:

Anti-virus software can also be responsible for Outlook 2010 Gmail IMAP error 0x800ccc0e. Users have to disable all kinds of anti-virus and anti-malware programs on your system. Then you have to see whether this error appears or not.

D. Check Your Internet Connection:

Outlook users who do not have a stable internet connection may face this error. If internet connection is the reason you are getting this error, you have to check and fix it. Restart your wi-fi router or contact your ISP to make sure you get a stable Internet connection before accessing Outlook.

E. Using Third-party Applications:

When you are unsure of the cause or all these methods failed to solve the problem, you can go for third-party tools. There are some quality applications available in the market that can solve this error.


From this post, we have learned that Outlook 2010 Gmail IMAP error 0x800ccc0e can be caused by different reasons. Therefore, different solutions can be implemented in order to fix it. We have also shared some of the efficient techniques to resolve Outlook 2010 error 0x800ccc0e. Users can follow the mentioned steps to implement these methods and fix this Outlook error for good.